4i Marine & Energy 

Intelligent Information
Micro Consultancy

4i Marine & Energy is primarily a micro consultancy which supports and advises financial institutions worldwide through expert networks as well as direct contact. Our experience extends to Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Project Managers, Brokers and advising valuations for sales and purchase.
  • Marine Advisory to Financial Sectors
  • Specialist Marine & Project Advisory
  • ​Purchase & Investment
  • Regional Advisory & Intelligence
  • Industry Climate Reports & Reviews
  • ​O & G Market Advisory
  • Aviation Services & Training
  • Due Diligence Reports
  • Discreet Commercial Investigations​​
We provide a regional advisory service giving clients access to out database of expert intelligence and local information with a focus on the Marine and Energy industries. In particular we focus on the following:
  • Marine Industries
  • Fabrication & Construction Markets
  • Oil, Gas & Renewables
  • Market Opportunities
  • Local Regulations & Law
  • Visa and Employment Requirements
  • Specific Company Intelligence
  • Geo-political information
​If required a fully comprehensive report for each of the clients requirements is generated as standard. In the first instance we can provide a telephone or face to face consultation. This is followed up by a written report based on further and existing research and information from our databases.
Marine Transportation
The following services are an example of what we can offer:
  • Vessel & Fleet Valuations 
  • ​Charter Party Advisory
  • P&I Advisory Services
  • H&M Assesments and Advisory Services
  • Voyage Risk Assesment
  • ​Towage Planning & Execution
  • Market Monitoring and Advisory
  • Scrap Rates
  • Freight & Charter Advisory
  • Narrow Boat Delivery & Instruction
Environmental Consultancy

4i provides solutions to extreme and unusual environmental siuations and phenomenon:
  • Tsunami Impact Avoidance
  • Sunlight Impact & Amenity
  • Soliton Impact Avoidance
  • Earthquake Studuies
  • ​Typhoon Monitoring
  • Weather Routing Solutions
Offshore Oil & Gas

4i provides a range of consultancy services relating to Offshore Oil & Gas:
  • FPSO Development Projects
  • Subsea Installation
  • ​Offshore Construction
  • Load out, Heavy Lift & Installation
  • Risk Assesment
  • ​R&D Support
  • ​Specialist Towing Services 
  • ​CDTM Consultancy*
  • Field Development
  • TLP Platforms*
  • ​Deepwater Diverless Pipeline Repair
  • ​Dynamic Positioning Consultancy
Software & Databases

4i provides a range of consultancy services relating to marine Transpor
  • Navigation Software Development
  • Flight Planning & Management
  • Aeronautical Databases
  • O&G DataBase (Bespoke)
  • Ship Valuation Software
  • ​Bollard Pull Software
  • ​Dynamic Positioning Software
  • ​FPSO Positioning & Hook Up Software
  • Bespoke Navigation Software
  • Solutions Without Satellites       4i Navbase






4i Solutions

Sunlight Impact Studies
Flight Management Solutions
FPSO Hook Up Software
Tsunami Defender
Ship Valuation Software
DataBase Engineering
Regional Advisory  Guidance